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Starbucks Coffee Prices to Go Up 1 percent

Posted by Ro · June 24, 2013 3:20 pm

Starbucks espresso

Starbucks Coffee Prices to Go Up 1 percent

Ugh! Starting tomorrow (June 25th), Starbucks will raise prices on some drinks by 1%. The price hike will include brewed coffee, tea, latte and espresso drinks. So basically,you’ll be out a few pennies which doesn’t seem a lot but Starbucks is already kind of over priced if you ask me. But luckly for many of us, venti and grande-sized brewed coffees, as well as Frappuccino drinks will not increase in price. Speaking of coffee, you can print six Coffee Coupons right now! 😉

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Thanks Theresa for the heads up!