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Santa’s Phone Number (Call Santa for FREE!)

Posted by Ro · November 18, 2013 4:19 pm

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Santa’s Phone Number (Call Santa for FREE!)

This is so much fun! This holiday season, grab the kids and can call Santa’s phone number at (951) 262-3062 and tell him what you want for Christmas. Try it out for your self! It’s totally free!

Thanks Rhonda!

  1. Name says:

    I don’t think a 951 number is free

  2. karen says:

    The number is a normal toll number and will fall under normal long distance billing.
    If you have an unlimited long distance plan or use a cellphone then this number should have no additional cost.

    • Name says:

      I used a prepaid unlined plan on my cell and it let me call and my 3 yr old was so happy!

      • Name says:

        If you don’t believe in Santa then your a Poop. Santa is rell cause I’m tipping this message with something I asked for Xmas and I never told my mum or dad for this not anyone in my family!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an iPad Minnie so if you do not believe in Santa uv got proof that he is rell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kendall says:

    I love u

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love you

  5. Name says:

    It said i need an acsess code

  6. Name says:

    it doesnt work

  7. Name says:

    Doesn’t work says it’s a non working number

  8. karen says:

    It doea work try in the morning I had called this morning with my children

  9. Robin says:

    Rungs 2x then goes to a busy tone :(

  10. Lanie says:

    Didn’t work for me

  11. Jennifer says:

    I just used this it worked!! My 5 year old was in heaven!!!

  12. Madison says:

    It dies work he actually called me back

  13. Lisa says:

    it worked the other day now its a busy tone

  14. Hellen says:

    I think it is just because a lot of people must be trying to call at the same time. I first got an error message then tried again and it worked. :)

  15. maria says:

    My daughter was soooo exited, caught her off guard. She was beaming. Great idea. Thank u

  16. Renee says:

    Add your comment here…This number does work. I called it this morning.

  17. Name says:

    Worked for us, love the part about listening to your parents, that was literally the exact problem we were having at that moment.

  18. Name says:

    It worked fer us and it is free from cellphone

  19. Name says:

    It works!!!!! Just called kids loved it

  20. Pam says:

    The smile on my grandsons face was worth it

  21. Alondra says:

    I what my mom and dad to live to gether and all girls to stay out my dads live and wish my life started all over a again

    • Name says:

      It will get better. I know it doesnt seem like it now but it will. Pray every night for God to watch over you and to always be in your life.

  22. Name says:

    Santa is real you don’t want to say it

  23. Name says:

    Just called my girls loved it

  24. Name says:

    What is Santa phone number

  25. Name says:

    This number worked really good, my kids loved hearing Santa’s voice

  26. lea says:

    I Think Santa IsReal Cuz Im Only 8. Turning 9In December.

  27. Dakota says:

    I think santa is real

  28. ala says:

    santa is real inow be cause my mom talked to him last year sooo he is real tell you that he is watshing you I now that mush

  29. Dakotha says:

    Ok I am kid y r u lieing and telling kids that Santa is not real u all ruiend it for all the kids that read this how could u that is so cruel I HATE U ALL THATSAID SANTA OS BOT REAL! ALL KIDS THAT READ THIS SANTA OS 100% REAL

  30. saida says:

    hi santa

  31. Charlotte says:

    To all the kids reading this, yes Santa is very real. Maybe the ones saying he is not real are the one who need help. Just pray for the them. Ask God to bless them and for Santa to bring them something special.
    My nephew lives with me and he called it and the number does work. Who cares if there’s a small fee. It’s worth it.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  32. Name says:

    Xbox 1 minecraft xbox 1

  33. casey says:

    santa is real

  34. A.N.H says:

    Santa is awsome!!!

  35. Name says:

    Is there one where Santa calls and knows your child’s name? That would be so cute!

  36. Harper says:


    • gremlin says:

      go to and u sign up n they will say the childs name my son got one last year and LOVED it

    • gremlin says:

      go to and u sign up n they will say the childs name my son gets one every year LOVES it

  37. brooke says:

    dear Santa bring me a ipad

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Name says:

    All of the bad comments made my little sister cry she loves snta

    • Name says:

      I think that is really stupid that they let these stupid people on here that think Santa’s not real and tell your sister not to listen to listen to these stupid people and try to prove them rong

    • Name says:

      rub to the peppol that made her littil sister cry

  40. Jen says:

    It did work! There was a recording… Told the kids it was Santa’s voicemail and they left a message. Cute :)

  41. Gena says:

    Just called Santa for my 3 year old daughter, I’ve never seen her so excited! Thanks to who ever created this! Merry Christmas

  42. no name says:

    santa is so real in you face sucker

  43. Kady says:

    Fuck off people who said he is not real

  44. johnmark says:

    Hey I’m 5 years old I wont 4 wheller atv bow areo

  45. chris from mi. says:

    Recording said this number no longer takes incoming calls. My son is crying now. Anyone have another number?

  46. Name says:


  47. shauna says:

    yes Santa is real and i am going to call him on Christmas Eve

  48. jashveen says:

    santa i not real at all do you now that you people say he is real your prents have to die

    • Anonymous says:

      Jashveen I’m gonna find you because you are a horrible cunt and I’m going to fuck you like your barstad dad fucked your hor slag mum…
      See you Xmas eve cunt….
      Yours truly
      S. Clause…

  49. Name says:

    Santa es real if you said that santas not real then you suck

  50. Name says:

    santa is real and you shood be shame of your self

  51. danno says:

    It works but santa said leave your wish list after the tone. Waited and waited… No tone.

  52. Spring Johnson says:

    Tell all kids Santa’s is the devil

  53. izzy says:

    I love santa.

  54. Cheryl says:

    Thank the internet for this. My granddaughter was reading here so keep in mind that this IS for children. Besides he was real, I will carry it on and mostly its about Jesus birth.

  55. lol says:

    I have Santa’s phone number

  56. Name says:

    I love Santa

  57. natalie says:

    c pet, computer, slippers, a new outfit for tootsie, new I phone 5, that’s it thank you Santa

  58. sharod says:

    santa is so nice i called him

  59. veronica says:

    santa is real and I love him so mush.

  60. Name says:

    Add your comment here…

  61. Kristen says:

    Kristen reed

  62. Brett says:

    It is real I try it is him he say be good to mom and dads

  63. Sarah says:

    I would like a one direction bed set for christmas

  64. brook says:

    I would like to have a real horse for christmas

  65. emma says:

    a play horse for Christmas

  66. tracey says:

    to win the lotto

  67. angela says:

    I would love to have a snow camo 308 savage

  68. tod fire pants says:

    Santa is not real dumb people who believe

  69. tod fire pants says:

    You people are stupid I can’t believe it I mean really ass’s

  70. fire and ice says:

    Dumb a words stupid swine stupid and more

  71. Name says:

    Santa is real so everybody be nice

  72. jasmine says:

    Santa is real I just talk to him I love santa

  73. Athena says:

    That was so neat. I wish I could have a video of my kids faces when they heard Santa say “Ho Ho Ho”. Thanks for the # my kids really enjoyed that.

  74. nnnnnn says:

    U suck
    santa is real

  75. Name says:

    Hi love u

  76. henry says:

    Santa is not real becase he dint ring me

  77. Love and war says:

    If u think Santa is real i praise u but if u think Santa is fake give me a call and I’ll give u a pace of my mind my number is 7066156852

  78. Tara says:

    Can u sand me a massage in my Facebook please Santa please plaese

  79. alexandria says:

    this fricken number is not real your such a lier rhonda u ideit stop lieing and the number is not free!!!!!!!

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