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FREE Downy Unstopables Sample for FIRST 12,000!

Posted by Ro · July 25, 2012 11:08 am

Downy Unstopables

FREE Downy Unstopables Sample for FIRST 12,000!

Starting at 11 AM ET, hurry over to score a FREE Downy Unstopables Sample for the first 12,000 when you click the 2nd bubble on top right slideshow then look for “Get Sample” button. If you didn’t score one today, don’t worry. They’re giving away samples everyday through October 14th. Let us know if you snag one!

  1. Shopping Gal says:

    Do you know what time tomorrow?

  2. Deanna M says:

    Downy says they are still open to samples 9:08 am 7/29 MST

  3. Leona Lirette says:

    Got one!! thanks

  4. Rhonda says:

    The site says they are already out. :-(

  5. jessica says:

    Got one!

  6. Lin P says:

    Got one! Thanks!

  7. Jat says:

    Just got mine to!

  8. Pam says:

    Got mine. Love this product. Thanks so very much for the link.

  9. Laura says:

    just got mine, thanks! I have been wanting to try them!

  10. sabrina says:

    no clue what slideshow you’re talking about. I don’t see anything slideshow related to click on.

  11. tricia says:

    Jimmy and Amy are meanies, they won’t let me get my sample :(

  12. Cindy says:

    GONE! :(

  13. Diane Rogalski says:


  14. Geneva says:


  15. Carrie says:

    Got one finally :)

  16. sarah says:

    the sample is here, but its always out… :(

  17. Bruce says:

    Finally got one. Thanks.

  18. Ellen F says:

    Your sample is on the way. Be sure to go to YouTube and see where Jimmy’s been!

  19. Ellen Bryant says:

    Got one, yea! Thanks!

  20. Vickie says:

    Got mine can’t wait to try it…thanks

  21. jenise says:

    :( all gone i guess. didn’t see the slideshow so not sure.

  22. Amy says:

    Finally got one!

  23. rachel says:

    how many have actually gotten one that haven’t said…I’ve been trying since this started and today finally got to the point I could give them my personal info, but by the time I’d finished the form, they were gone AGAIN!!! :(

  24. Liz says:

    finally…….got one!

  25. Sandy says:

    Got one thank you

  26. Debbie says:

    Yes I was able to get one! TYVM!

  27. betty says:

    What tomorrow?

  28. betty says:

    What time tomorrow? I am try but no luck.

  29. Ande B. says:

    Score!!! Thanks. :-)

  30. Fran U. says:

    Thank You!!!

  31. candyce says:

    since the sample giveaway people already grabbed theirs so this is the right time. ok so go there around 10:58-11:00 just to be sure. i went there today thinking oh they would all be gone but then i was able to do go to this link around this tome and i assure u that you will get one. leave a comment n how it goes. here is the following link: don’t get there to late or they might be gone. and you may have to type a little fast good luck!!!

  32. candyce says:

    if i could do it you can. i’m 13. some mite be suprised. i like to sign up for samples and and get them.

  33. jenni says:

    Got it! Awesome!

  34. shelb says:

    Got one!!!

  35. Amanda says:

    Finally got one! :)

  36. debbie says:

    got one!! thanks so much!!

  37. Charlene V says:

    I got one!!! Can’t believe it because I tried before and it just sent me to the video over and over but today the form came up

  38. Maggie Palomino says:

    ALL GONE!!!!

  39. terri says:

    Thanks scored one !!!!

  40. Trace says:

    Thanks so much – Got one : )

  41. Gina strawn says:

    Thank u :)

  42. nadine says:

    I just got one.

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