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Extreme Couponing Quotes and Highlights

Posted by Ro · September 29, 2011 2:30 pm

Here are some of the wacky and funny quotes from last nights 9/28 season 2 premier of Extreme Couponing on TLC:

  • “Free always tastes better”
  • “50 cents or less, but FREE is the best!”
  •  “Without a coupon it doesn’t go in the basket”
  • “I Love Couponing!”

Also, here are a few highlights from the show:

  • $1,313 worth of groceries for FREE + $0.31 in overage. They paid her to walk out with over $1,300 worth of groceries!
  • Erin did a whopping 16 transaction. Could you image standing in line behind this lady?
  • Amanda brought only $30 with her to the store. Do you take cash to the supermarket to stay under budget?
  • April saved 97% on her trip to the grocery store. What’s the most you’ve ever saved with coupons?
  • A coupon WITHOUT and expiration date. Huh? Have you ever seen one?

What did you guys think of last nights season premier of Extreme Couponing?

  1. Emily Parks says:

    I have a coupon without an expiration date! Egglands Best Eggs sent me a fifty cent coupon with no expiration!

  2. Amanda says:

    “A coupon WITHOUT and expiration date. Huh? Have you ever seen one?”

    I know I have one in my binder….I’ll have to check and see which product it is for.

  3. Jill R. says:

    I have a Velvet Ice Cream coupon with no expiration date that I received on a factory tour more than a year ago. The only reason I still have it is that they typically run better deals in the Sunday coupon insert!

  4. Sandra whittington says:

    I wanted to share something with you. I watched Extreme Couponing last night. This show is not reality. The stores don’t act that way. They don’t allow you to buy that much of one item nor use that many coupons for one item. They need to have someone go into the stores with hidden cameras and show how things really are. Just venting:)

    • Stephanie Weatherly says:

      Sandra all these reality shows are not reality, they are for entertainment only. I have watched several reality shows before and found out that is not how it actually is. Yes if they has someone go in with hidden camereas it would be a lot better and yes some stores do allow it because I have been behind them before and went to a different line when I realized how long it was going to take and nobody can put a limit on how many of one item someone can buy regardless of whether they are using a coupon or not. I can’t stand the show so I choose not to watch.

      • Tammy says:

        FYI…infomercials are not reality either. I was in one for a weightloss product. And the before and after photos…even though they weren’t photoshopped, they DID make us stand in poses that were unflattering and with our bellies out for the before. And the after photos…they had us stand in more flattering poses and hold in our guts. In fact, in my after photo, they had me put my arms in the air like a victory stance. And of course by raising your arms, you naturally “iron out” the flab rolls on your side. There is NO reality to television.

    • Laurel Paige Carter says:

      The show actually made me angry.Not reality at all.I would love to see a show with hidden cameras.It would be a whole different story.I am not the only one.Thank You!

  5. erica limberg says:

    tazo tea coupon without expiration date!

  6. Oksana says:

    “A coupon WITHOUT and expiration date. Huh? Have you ever seen one?”

    Yes, I had gotten small sample packages of Barbara’s Puffins cereal, which had their coupon on them with no expiration date.

  7. May says:

    I hate this show. It should be taken off the air. Couponers are looked down upon now because of this. Please STOP promoting the show on your blog. Who agrees?

  8. Michele M. says:

    I enjoy watching the show as far as entertainment. My husband gets annoyed because I insert comments through out the entire episode. Most of the time they do not mention how much people pay for the coupons. Most stores would never allow purchases that extreme. And it makes me ill to see people take hundreds of items just because they can get it for free when you know darn well that the product will not be used before it outlives its shelf life.
    I also think it is funny how so may people claim to donate products. I do not believe they all do.
    The show is far from realistic!

  9. Kelly @ Coupon Kung Fu says:

    I have a couple of peelies from Blue Diamond Almonds with no expiration.

    I watched the show. Once. Early last season.

  10. Amy says:

    I think it is amazing how people can do this, but even if I had the ability to extreme coupon I would be too embarassed to bring up that many items! I am not criticizing them to each their own, but I am happy with getting 10 meals worth of groceries retail $60 after coupons $30-$40. I feel I have really acomplished something without clearing the shelves and thinking of others.

  11. Kate Brown says:

    I’d like to see them try these tactics in CA. I haven’t heard of ANY stores in my state that double coupons. I cannot get anything for free unless I really get lucky which is like winning lotto. I got a free box of Kashi last week ONLY because I had a store coupon that made it 2.00 and then a 2.00 off any Kashi product from Recyclebank. That is the first “Free” item with coupons I’ve had in forever. Raley’s does have “Friday Freebies” every week and that’s about it. Von’s and Raley’s do not double coupons. Most do not out here. Most coupons have severe restrictions on their usage. My motto for shopping now is. “Its not a good deal if I don’t need it, and its not a good deal if I can’t afford it.”

    • PEGGY says:

      Safeway, Vons and Ralphs double coupons all the time, Ralphs has occassional triple coupon afternoons. I am in Southern California.

  12. Candi says:

    I’ve saved 100% on a shopping trip to Walgreens before…love that zero total. And also there aren’t many coupon policies that accept a coupon with no expiration date thanks to the shelf clearers out there…btw still haven’t been able to get my better then free schick razors thanks to those selfish people!

    • Candi says:

      p.s. wanted to point out the only reason I got the 100% is because I live in a tax free city. Not the I was like skipping out on taxes or anything.

  13. PEGGY says:

    I remember those, up until just a few years ago they never put expiration dates on them. (especially if they came on a product, since they could not be sure when it would actually be sold, and what a bummer if they coupon was already expired when you got it!) When we made a cross country move a few years back I tossed a large box full of non expiring coupons away. I have been sick about it ever since. We average about 80% savings when we go to the store. In California, as long as I can remember they have always ONLY allowed 3 or 4 coupons of same items….but until recently I have never had them scrutinize the coupons like now and also disallow computer coupons. I feel like this is because of the few who try to pass off for items not purchased/print duplicates (when it says only 1) or generally abuse the use of coupons. Also, a lot of our stores use to do weekly triple coupons days, now that only seems to happen very very occasionaly (and then only for 3 or 4 hours). Stores also do not object for your buying $1300 if you are using the coupons correctly……or they would not allow coupons at all. Just like anything else, because some try to pull fast ones, everyone else has to suffer, fraud is fraud whether it is for 75 cents or for 75 thousand. The secret/hidden camera would be interesting.

  14. Linda says:

    What I don’t like about the show is that how much of the things that these people are getting are they really using and how much are they getting just for the sake of getting. When they get 100’s of an item like yogurt can they possibly use it up before it is spoiled. It is a shameful waste. If they do donate items that is great, but if they don’t and let it go to waste, shame on them!

  15. Heather says:

    I like the show and take it for entertainment value. All you haters need to stop hating! It’s just a show, not reality. I think most people really say they hate the show because deep down inside they wish they could have the same results.

    I have never saved 100% at any store, mainly because most stores/manufacturers are going to require you to pay taxes based on the pre-coupon price. The most I’ve saved has been 94% (on a much smaller transaction than the ones on the show). But if you save 95 cent off one item that costs a dollar, you still saved 95% right?

    Yeah, the show puts couponing in an obsessive light, but I don’t let that stop me. I’ll be couponing now until forever.

    I have a few NED coupons that I got from a Campbell’s soup recipe booklet, and from the inside of a product box (New York Texas Toast).

    • Mickey H says:

      No, we hate the show because we know it is impossible for anyone to get those results in REAL LIFE. It’s because of this show and the greedy, selfish people on it that stores and manufacturers are cracking down on coupon savings, ruining for people who use coupons responsibly.

      And we don’t have to stop hating just because you tell us to. Bossy much? We have just as much right to our opinion as you do to yours.

      • Heather says:

        @ Mickey H – I do realize that its nearly impossible to get those results in real life, but I don’t doubt that its TOTALLY impossible. That’s why I said I value the show for pure entertainment.

        For all the haters – I don’t agree with hating the show, but if you really have to hate anything, iproject your hate on the behavior of the REAL LIFE people who DON’T coupon responsibly. I wouldn’t call all the people on the show greedy or selfish. Maybe a few could wear that scarlet label, but we (in TV land) don’t really know what they are doing with their hauls. I recall many of them stating that they use them to help others. Whether or not that is the truth, I’ll never know (nor am I feeling led to investigate).

        And for the record, I never imagined that anyone would “stop hating” because I tell them to. Not here, on the internet, on a comment thread. Let’s not wear a chip on our shoulders. As you so kindly state, that up there there, and this right here, are my opinions.

  16. SueZQpon says:

    I live in NC and there was an interesting article in our Sunday paper this week about the 2 NC residents featured on the series this season. 1 of them was in last night’s show. She shopped at Lowe’s Food and the article states that the store regrets working with the show now. I have a LF here and I wish I was able to shop w/o all the restrictions like she did. They double up to .99 daily but only a max of 20 Q’s per day. They seriously had to break their own rules in order for her to pull this off.

    I did notice a bit of a different feel from last season. They didn’t seem to focus as much as last season on the hoarding aspect of it. I felt a bit better about it when the 1 woman provided food for her church and the other one was helping her sister out with her wedding rather than keep everything for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, they had obscene stockpiles but one of them also had 7 teenage children. I only have 2 teenage sons and the amount of food they go through I can’t begin to imagine how much 7 kids eat.

    Here is a link to the article if you want to read it:

  17. Michele B says:

    Hasn’t anyone noticed the items they are getting are almost all premade noodles meals, sport drinks and food items loaded with sodium and calories? Don’t these people eat fruits, vegs and meat? This is not the reality of how most humand beings shop or feed their families.

    I have on occasion reduced my bill from $00 to $3 dollars but maybe only once or twice a year. If I shopped and ate they way they portray these people on the show I’d be 400 lbs, hugh blood pressure and have diabetes.

  18. darlene says:

    The one good thing about the show is that it got me thinking about couponing better than I was doing it before and got me to looking on the internet and getting on some blogs for the weekly match-ups. And from that I have started a SMALL stockpile that is going to help us in the winter since my husbands business is slower in the winter making our budget tighter then. On the other hand I hate that because of it so many people are now shelf clearing and coupon stealing- my local paper only has the RP insert so I buy a different Sunday paper to get the SS and any extras, last week my husband went to 3 stores because all the coupons were missing from the papers in the first 2!

    I have a few coupons with no expiration as the date from a Campbells recipe book I got a few years ago.

  19. Mary Ann says:

    I like the show, but realize it’s not reality. It’s just fun to watch even though I know it’s not possible. Especially here in California!

    Vons does double, but only the 1st “like” coupon and the doubling can never give you more than $1 savings. Ralphs also has the same rule, but I’ve found that my local store will double more than one coupon.

    I do have a few coupons with no expiration date in my binder. I bought a bunch of Fixodent cleansers for my mom (back on the Walgreens freebie deal earlier this year) and each box has a Q in it for the adhesive with no exp date.

  20. DelaRae Walker says:

    I have coupons for some baby shampoo that I’ve had since my oldest was a baby and she is almost 8! I still haven’t found a price on it that I am willing to pay, even with the coupon :-)

  21. desi says:

    While I agree Coupon Pro Blog seems to be trying to reel in a few viewers of the show ………… whats wrong with that??????????? I came to these types of blogs after an episode myself. I agree it’s obviously not reality, BUT it doesn’t take long for anyone to figure that out. I am new to CPB but I love it. Keep up the good work. PS I’m waiting for my 2 shick razors + overage too. Darn shelf clearers :(

  22. Laurel Paige Carter says:

    I would like to know how they get so many coupons?She had over 100 coupons for aspirin (old show) not that I want that many.There are times that I want more and not able to get them.Also I don’t know about anyone else but all the shows I’ve seen everyone is so nice employees and customers which is not my experience.It is usually a struggle.But it is worth it!

    • PEGGY says:

      I have been really fortunate to have very nice employees. Other Custromers and employees are frequenting waiting/watching just to see how much I save. I heard one of the couponers on the shows saying she purchased coupons and had spent over $70.00 on coupons for the one shopping trip (but the did not mention that when they gave the totals of her savings), I think that kind of cost should be included. We have 4 teenagers all active in sports so are bill can be REALLY high, if I don’t make it to the store often enough I can easily do a $1300.00 bill. Also if you watch and also use store loyalty cards you can get lots of coupons for meats, fruits and vegetables…or just money off of your next purchase/transaction. And yes it is worth it!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tracy says:

    The people in the show always say it’s their biggist haul. I can save 1300.00 over a few months, but what a boring show that would be showing me saving 100.00 a week at 4 different stores……yawn.

  24. CJ says:

    I received 3 coupons in the mail from a seafood company and none of them have expiration dates. I havent tried to use them because I know they’ll get rejected. I always take a credit card with me, in case the trip doesnt work out as planned. I’ve had shopping trips where I’ve saved in the 90% range but most of my trips are $30 or less before coupons, not $1300!!!

  25. Thelma Lange says:

    I have a Starbucks coupon that doesnt’ have an expiration date on it. I can’t remember when I got it. Maybe sometime after I graduated…that was in 1999!

  26. heidi says:

    i love the show, it is inspirational to me. while it may not always be realistic for everyone, it does inspire me to use coupons so that i can donate stuff to those that need it, and send care packages to soldiers. if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. it’s fun, and clearly a lot of people do like it.

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